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How Does TEST to STAY work? Nothing changes for those who test positive, but this does provide an alternate option to close contacts who are not household members of the positive  individual. This page explains how the system works. The goal of the program is to cut down on the number of school days missed by students who never test positive for COVID or never get sick while quarantined. 

If a student tests positive for COVID on our Binax now tests or with testing done by a healthcare professional, they and any of their family members/household contacts are required to go into quarantine. This is for 10 days from the onset of symptoms or from the positive test result. The same applies to any adult at school who tests positive.

NON-HOUSEHOLD CLOSE CONTACTS?                                                                                                              

Close contacts (without symptoms) would have the option to come to school as long as:                 

  • They agree to be tested daily before entering the school through Day 7 with the Binax Now antigen tests. If they test negative, they may attend school and activities for that day, but must agree to stay masked at all times while at school. They will also try to follow social distancing guidelines. Remember the day of exposure is Day Zero.
  • Parents must agree to provide their student with transportation (they may not ride district transportation) and must be at the outside testing site (away from other staff and students) by 7:45 a.m. An alternate testing site and time will be made available for adults who work at school.
  • If an individual continues to test negative for 7 straight days, they will no longer be required to do further testing or to wear a mask.
  • According to the Reno County Health Department, if an athlete on the “Test to Stay” quarantine program practices and tests positive within 48 hours following that practice, the rest of the team will be required to go into the “Test to Stay” program. 
  • When an individual tests positive on an antigen test at school, we encourage them to  follow up with their doctor with a more thorough PCR test. If their PCR test is negative and they can provide documented proof, they will be considered negative and not required to follow these guidelines (unless they are also a close contact.) However, to date, we have not had a single positive case from Binax Now overturned by a PCR.                                                                          
  • Breaking rules of the "Test to Stay" program (removing mask, etc...) will result in automatic quarantine and suspension from the "Test to Stay" program.                                                                        
  • Parents must agree to the terms of the "Test to Stay" program and give their student permission to participate in it. 


Students and parents who do not want  to participate in the “Test to Stay” program have that choice, and can choose one of the following options that we are currently using:

1. Quarantine as usual for 10 days. May return on Day 11 as long as there are no symptoms. No testing required. 
2. Stay home, obtain a negative PCR test on Days 6 or 7, and then return on Day 8 if asymptomatic.  Requires visiting a medical professional or obtaining a PCR test at testing sites.

Effective October 1, 2021   (Subject to change as situations develop); approved by Board of Education on September 13, 2021