Hutchinson Career and Technical Education Academy (HCTEA) is the vo-tech in Reno County where Fairfield students may take technical classes during their junior and senior years.

Students who are interested may take programs in 

  • Auto Body/Collision Repair

  • Automotive Technology

  • Machine Technology

  • Welding Technology


  • Residential Construction Technology (Building Trades)

  • Medical Science (CNA, CMA, Home Health Care, Medical Terminology, Restorative Aid)

If students complete a program, they are awarded a certificate through Hutchinson Community  College.  Also, the classes they take through HCTEA earn college credits at no cost to the student or parents.

Plans for attending HCTEA begin during the freshman year of high school to make sure all required courses are scheduled so students will graduate.  Talk with the Academic Advisor for more information.

Hutchinson Public Schools/Career & Technical Education Academy