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Betsy McKinney

Betsy McKinney, 16 days ago

Today Mrs. Brenda Unruh was inducted into the Kansas Teachers’ Hall of Fame. She was recognized at a ceremony in the Dodge City Civic Center and her award was presented by Fairfield High School principal Jessica Mathes. Congratulations go out to Mrs. Unruh! view image

Betsy McKinney

Betsy McKinney, 17 days ago

Friday, 6/4/21: The busses from Fairfield's Summer Academy will be running about 10 minutes late today after school. This was caused by a field trip bus being delayed in Wichita. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Jessica Mathes

Jessica Mathes, 17 days ago

Congratulations to Jacob Bauman on receiving his FFA State Degree today! view image

Michael Treat

Michael Treat, 19 days ago

Any track athletes who still have their uniform, please bring them to the school no later than Friday, June 4th washed and dried with your name on them.