If you are looking for some help, take a look at these options:

  • Career Planning is a link to our most recent program to help you think about your future. All students in grades k-12 should have access to Xello where you can take a learning inventory to discover how you best learn, a personality inventory that matches what you like to do with careers that might be of most interest to you, and many more helpful objects! If you have questions or need information about Xello, please contact Mr. Finder and he will direct you to the correct person for help.

  • Educational Planning has links for high school students from Freshmen through Seniors. The links have checklists of things students in each grade should be doing in order to make good educational choices and plan for the future.

  • Also on the Educational Planning page are links for:

    • FAFSA Information

    • Scholarships

  • Colleges and Universities has a list of all colleges in Kansas, both public and private, and links to their web addresses.