Use this checklist to help your child make the right decisions for high school and get on track for college.

Much of the information from this page comes from - check out that website for additional information and resources.

Freshmen Year You Must. . .

  • Visit college campuses with your child.

  • Encourage your child to make a diploma plan with the counselor.

  • Get to know teachers.

  • Have your child schedule to take tough classes, like honors classes, algebra, foreign languages and SB155 courses. Colleges are looking for honors or other advanced classes.

  • Encourage your child to choose electives that will help learn about his or her interests.

  • Keep a folder of accomplishments for your child that includes:

    • Awards

    • Certificates

    • Community Service Log

    • Job shadowing and internships letters of participation

    • Have your child take the Learning Style Quiz in either Career Cruising or Kuder - Learning styles change and grow just like your child!

    • Tell your child to work hard to create and keep a high GPA

    • Make a Career Plan with your child.

ADD these to the Checklist SOPHOMORE Year

  • Research Colleges and their Admission Requirements with your child.

  • Get to know you child’s teachers.

  • Have your child Prepare for the PSAT in the Fall and register to take it in the Spring

  • Help your child keep a schedule or agenda of deadlines

  • Have your child retake the Learning Style Quiz- Learning styles change and grow just like you do!

  • Help your child investigate Job Shadowing

  • Help your child search for Internships

ADD these to the list to Get in Gear For College Application Season JUNIOR year:


  • Have your child take SB155 or dual credit courses available in your child’s high school to save money in college and increase GPA.

  • Help your child create a Resume

  • Help your child get a professional e-mail address: (

  • Help your child research the requirements regarding entrance and placement exams link to Learn the Language Dictionary at the potential colleges.

  • Help your child search and start applying for Scholarships