What Will School Look Like When We Move to Orange in the Gating Criteria?

With the rise in COVID cases within Reno County, Fairfield Schools are preparing for what would happen when we move into the FULL ORANGE stage according to our gating criteria. When this happens, there will be several changes for students at USD 310. The biggest change would occur for students in grades 7-12. These students will move to a hybrid learning model. So what exactly does that mean? All 7-12 students have been placed in two groups based on the town in which they reside. Students with addresses in Arlington, Abbyville, Plevna and Langdon will make up Group A while students with addresses in Turon and Sylvia will make up Group B. Students will follow an AA/BB rotation. All students will be remote on Monday. Students in Group A will attend in-person on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students in Group B will attend in-person on Thursday and Friday. On the days that students are learning at home, they will be expected to join their classes via Zoom. Students in grades Pre-K through 6 will continue attending on campus unless otherwise noted.

Attendance will be taken and students are expected to attend class each day. If students do not make contact with their teachers or parents do not notify the office that the student will be gone, it will be counted as an unexcused absence. Unlike this past spring, the state is requiring the school to take attendance during remote/hybrid learning. Please know that the school’s attendance policy will still apply to students if we move to remote learning.

During the hybrid learning model, we will follow the Wednesday class schedule. Students who are learning at home will need to be logged on to their class Zoom meeting by 8:00 am each day. Students will be expected to attend each class unless otherwise notified. 

Students who are in Ms. Salazar or Ms. Frank’s classes will continue to attend in-person each day unless other arrangements have been made. 

A hybrid learning model will allow for greater social distancing and smaller class sizes but also ensure that our students still receive face-to-face instruction from their teachers. 

For families who have students involved in middle and high school sports, the hybrid criteria means that your student(s) will continue to practice and compete, but we will not be allowing any spectators at home sporting events. Parents will need to make arrangements for transportation to get to practice. Activity routes will be provided as usual.

Hybrid Learning Schedule:






Group A

At home

On campus

On campus

At home

At home

Group B

At home

At home

At home

On campus

On campus

Class Schedule:

8:00-8:47--1st hour

8:50-9:37--2nd hour


10:08-10:55--3rd hour

10:58-11:45--4th hour

11:48-1:00--5th hour and lunch

1:03-1:50--6th hour

1:53-2:40--7th hour

2:43-3:30--8th hour

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.