BOE Meeting Notes


The USD #310 Board of Education met on Monday, April 13th, 2020. Board Clerk Amy Riggs and Technology Director Scott Flaming were the other people in attendance, as the meeting was projected on an online platform so patrons could also be involved.

Besides the normal monthly consent agenda items, the board discussed and took action on two major items. First was the expansion of the Fairfield Daycare. Based upon the need and demand for more spots in our current daycare program, the board voted 7-0 to move our daycare from a level one to a level two. The children will still be in one room but will now have two adults present. In addition, more children can be served. The Fairfield Daycare remains focused on meeting the needs of our staff first as a way to help recruit and retain staff. Additional spots not used may be filled by community members, using a waiting list format. 

The second major decision made by the board included the 7-0 approval of a new track and asphalt underlayment. On our current (original) track, the top surface along with the underlayment is cracked and unusable for competition. The board approved a bid from Beynon Sports for the BSS 200 track system ($ 136,026.03) and also a bid from Apac ($ 108,507.45) for the underlayment asphalt milling and work. The work is projected to be finished by the time school starts for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Other business discussed included an update on the progress of the district’s Continuous Learning Plan and reports from the principals. The administration is contacting parents of students who are behind in their online work and grades are being posted. Teachers are also in contact with parents and students. It is a different format of learning entirely, but it is working.