What's Happening

Fairfield Youth Flag Football is starting up beginning September 26 through October 31. Practice is local and play is at the Green Sports Complex in Pratt. Deadline to register is Wednesday, September 9. Click below to learn more.
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Patriot Guard at Football Game on 9/11
The Patriot Guard will attend the Griffins (Fairfield/Cunningham) Home Football game on September 11. They will perform a flag ceremony just before the start of the football game. Everyone is welcome to attend and honor our servicemen and servicewomen.
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FFA Pork Chop Dinner
The Fairfield FFA Chapter is raising money in a delicious way! Come to the Pork Chop Dinner on Friday, September 11 from 4:00-8:00 p.m. Click below for more information.
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Superintendent's Message

Fairfield Parents and Community,

What the Heck is a Griffin?

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain our high school football team dynamic.  It is my hope that this clarifies what is taking place.  As you may or may not know, our school board was approached with the idea of cooperating with Cunningham during the high school football season this fall.  Our board agreed to have the administrators and athletic directors research the possibility and come back with a recommendation.

Last spring, the Cunningham Superintendent, Robert Reed and their School Board President, Scott DeWeese came to a USD 310 Board meeting to assist our board in understanding the request.  Our principal, Mr. Briar and AD, Mr. Hewitt had interviewed all high school football age boys to see what our numbers were potentially going to be.  It was apparent that our participation numbers were going to be smaller.  After careful deliberations and considerations on as many of the logistics as possible, USD 310 Board of Education went with the administrators recommendation of cooperating with Cunningham, USD 332 for three years in high school football.  The reason for three years is that in the rotation of playoffs for football in KSHSAA we have one year left and then a two-year rotation to follow.  So, the agreement will be through the 2017 football season due to how football is scheduled at the state level.

How was it decided on the mascot?  The boards of education and administrators all agreed that it should be up to the students to pick the collaborative mascot.  The football players picked three to four options for the student bodies of both schools to vote on.  It was not a close vote; the Griffin won the vote easily.  What is a Griffin?  It is a mythical creature that is half bird and half cat.  It is actually appropriate for the joining of a Falcon and Wildcat.  We now have 22 young men playing together.  We are able to have a full JV schedule with the numbers.  There are two coaches from Fairfield and two from Cunningham.  This is a great opportunity to have more hands-on instruction with more coaches available at practices and games.  

It has been decided that the practice time and the home games be split between the schools.  Fairfield will host three home games and Cunningham will host two (all specified on the calendar).  The games were selected on the driving distance of the opponents.  Each school will host a Homecoming game.

Also, as part of the agreement the cheerleading squads will be combined to cheer for the team.  There will be 13 cheerleaders this year.

There is a true understanding that there is a learning process with anything new, we are committed to this because it has been determined that it is what is best for our student/athletes at this time.  We will re-evaluate the commitment at the end of the three years.  We will have Griffin apparel and support items available soon!  Please continue to come support our students at their competitions.

If you have any further questions regarding this agreement or any other school business, please feel free to contact me!

Nathan Reed
Superintendent of Schools USD 310 Fairfield