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Dillons Community Rewards Program
Dillons has a new community rewards program that can help us at Fairfield USD 310! Our school district will get credit for every purchase you make using a Dillons Plus shopper’s card or Alternate ID at checkout. It’s that easy! It won’t cost you any money and all you have to do is register online to help out Fairfield Schools! If you don’t have a Dillons Plus card, you can get one at the customer service desk at any Dillons store. After you receive your Plus card, register it online following the instructions on the next page. Registering your Plus card online does not affect the fuel points you earn or the discount you receive on Dillons groceries. We already have money coming in from the few who have registered! Click below to read more...
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McKinney Receives Award
We've all known that Principal Betsy McKinney is pretty special, but now we have the confirmation from the Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals (KAESP). Mrs. McKinney is the District 4 National Distinguished Principal of the Year of Kansas! Click below to read more.
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It is a new day in Kansas education
A message from the new Commissioner of Education, Randy Watson starts a new vision for education in the state. The motto is "Kansas leads the world in the success of each student." Click below to read more about the new initiative.
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Superintendent's Message

Fairfield Parents and Community,

A Call to the Community for Input

     This is a call to all community members across the Fairfield school district.  The board of education is seeking input from all stakeholders.  They are exploring a having a bond election November 2016.  There are some facility facts that we are facing:

1. We have more students on this campus than ever before.  When this was a 9-12, the most HS students here were in 1971-1972 with 260 students.  Now, we host 330 students PreK-12. 

2. With PreK-12 students on the same campus, logistics of giving them the educational opportunities through scheduling and facility needs increases in complexity.

3. Our cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch to nearly every student, every day.  Not only that, the USDA has many regulations regarding the type of lunches and caloric intake for each age of student.  The cooks must prepare more than one type of meal for younger and older students.  The elementary students get one meal and the secondary students require another.

4. The building is in great shape and well maintained, but it is now 53 years old.  Infrastructure such as plumbing and wiring are stressed though usage and age.

5. Safety and security are very relevant considerations for public schools now and in the future.

    This board of education and the ones who came before them have done a very good job with conserving our financial resources and expending them in the right places to maintain quality in the facilities.  It has come time to revisit what is needed for the next 50 years of schooling here at Fairfield.  There is only so much that can be done on a yearly basis through the capital outlay fund to maintain and upgrade where we can. 
    Again, we ask you to come participate in our regular board meetings each month to come share concerns, input, ideas, or ask questions.  The board really wants everyone’s voice to be heard before determining a plan and course of action.  This will also be a topic at each of the remaining Soup with the Supe meetings in Turon January 4th and in Arlington February 22nd.  Both meetings will be at the city offices.  Once the board decides the course of action to take, all of the financial information will be made available in many formats.  We will all be available at any time to answer questions throughout the process.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nathan Reed
Superintendent of Schools
USD #310 Fairfield